For workers with questions and concerns, a hotline has been established at (816) 595-4164.



Medicare eligble members participating in the Local 15 Health & Welfare Plan should call Labor First for any healthcare issues at (816) 369-0019 or toll free at (833) 236-2089.

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Recent News

Joining BAC helps you gain control over your employment, safety and financial security.  When you are part of a Union, you have the power to negotiate contracts that benefit you and your family, not just your employer.  BAC members enjoy higher wage rates, access to greater benefits, safer work sites and a sense of job security. 

Advantages of becoming a signatory Contractor to the International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers

 Skilled Workforce:  BAC provides the best and ONLY training in the industry.  We also provide continuing education for our members who want to increase their skill set in blueprint reading, foremen certification, grout certification, welding certifications, Contractor College and more.

The Board of Trustees  approved a Cardio Scan benefit for Local 15 members covered through the BAC Local Union 15 Health & Welfare Funds effective September 1, 2017

This scan can help identify plaque buildup so you can take the necessary steps to prevent heart disease.  The benefit will be available to covered adult participants who meet the general scrrening criteria:Age 40 or older

Take Action

Below are lists  of 2020 labor-friendly candidates running for office within our jurisdiction. These candidates have been endorsed by the Greater Kansas City Building & Construction Trades Council as well as State AFL-CIOs.   

Every election is crucial.  What Union members earn at the bargaining table can be taken away by one vote in Washington D.C,  Jefferson City, Topeka, or Lincoln.  

The lists include both Republicans and Democrats because when they stand up for working people, we stand up for them. 

We hope you vote pro-worker, pro-Union as well as either pro-Missouri, pro-Kansas , or pro-Nebraska this election season.