Committed to developing a quality, responsible, well trained workforce.

Today's competitive and demanding construction industry requires that our Tradesman possess the highest level of experience and training. Training provides customer confidence. BAC Local 15 understands the critical role that quality workmanship plays in construction.

Our craft provides not only structural load bearing walls but watertight, weatherproof, and at the same time aesthetically attractive walls in various materials or a combination of materials. BAC Local 15 Apprenticeship & Training Fund is playing a vital role in assuring owners, architects, and general contractors that members trained in our training program are receiving the highest quality training in the industry. Training makes everyone profitable. The training program is funded by contributions from the contractors and the BAC members.

Apprentices pay no tuition while receiving wages for their work. This commitment to training is proof that when Union Contractors are on the job, customers can expect the best, most highly qualified craftsman available. Think of what this means to owners and developers, they can rest assured that their project will be completed on time. Quality standards will be met which translates too few if any callbacks. Tenants move in faster, income can be generated sooner.