Right to Work Petition Gathers over 300,000 Signatures

BAC members that reside in Missouri have felt the recent shockwave of anti-union legislation at home.  Right to work legislation was the first thing on Missouri’s newly-elected Governor Greitens’ agenda, which was passed in February.  Local 15 staff and members as well as other labor organizations across Missouri gathered signatures on a petition that allows right-to-work legislation to be added to the ballot in 2018. This allows the workers of Missouri to be heard instead of politicians making the decisions about our pay.  Over 300,000 signatures were collected in all 8 of Missouri’s congressional districts.  SB 19 or the so-called Right –to –Work bill was halted from going into effect on August 28th by turning in the signatures that were gathered. 


Local 15 manned at Right to Work signing tent on a Missouri state-wide day of Action on June 10, 2017.  Over 5,500 signatures were gathered on that day across the state of Missouri.


BAC Local #15’s next mission is to educate our members on the devastating consequences if Right-to-Work passes in Missouri. In turn we hope our members will educate their neighbors, families and friends and encourage them to get out and vote in November 2018. 


Prevailing wage is also under attack in Missouri.  Once the minimum wage for construction workers is removed, the wage rates in the state of Missouri will start to decline our contractors will have difficulty competing, and the benefits our members and their families have come to enjoy will be in jeopardy.


The anti-union attacks we are facing are nothing new to us.  Our forefathers toiled and stood up against the injustices of the 20th century so that we may have what we enjoy today.  If they could resist oppression in the 20th century, surely we can withstand and defeat anti-labor practices in the 21st century.


We must stand together to prevail.  No matter how much money is spent by lobbyists and for corporate interests, it cannot compare to the number of union members across America that can rise and commit to justice for working people. 


The most recent and critical attacks we have felt  are in the state of Missouri, but all BAC members, no matter what state they reside in, should get involved in some capacity.  Even by being selective about your choice of candidate based on what is best for your paycheck and benefits, it will send a message to those that create our laws that we have a voice.  The 2018 elections will be critical to the survival of the Labor movement.  We stand for more than just what our organization is currently.  We have the responsibility to our brothers and sisters that fought before us to continue to fight for the survival of our brotherhood.  We simply need to exercise our right to stand up for justice, defend the working class, and vote accordingly.


All of our success, as the longest continuous organized labor union in North America, has come as a direct result of hard work and dedication to improve the lives of our members and their families.  And now, more than ever, we need to educate and organize for the betterment of the BAC family and the protection of our benefits and wages and to continue a forward progress for the Labor movement.