Heart Screening Available

The Board of Trustees  approved a Cardio Scan benefit for Local 15 members covered through the BAC Local Union 15 Health & Welfare Funds effective September 1, 2017

This scan can help identify plaque buildup so you can take the necessary steps to prevent heart disease.  The benefit will be available to covered adult participants who meet the general scrrening criteria:Age 40 or older

  • No CT scan in the past 3 years
  • Have not had a previous heart stent or bypass surgery
  • Age 40 or older ( or younger if adult has known heart risk factors)

Upon request from the Fund office (Wilson McShane)) the covered adult participants will receive a certificate in their name which can be used to obtain a free CardioScan from St. Luke's Hospital.  You will need to take the cerificate with you at the time of screening, which ST. Luke's will consider to be payment for the scan.  You must be a covered under the Plan at the time you receive the scan